Step 1 - Sort

  • If the area is clean for unused tools or equipments?
  • If the area is clean for unnecessary items or materials?
  • If the area is clean for unnecessary documents, standards or
    instructions (outdated or not valid)?

Step 2 – Systemize

  • Are transport ways, walking paths, pallets placing, equipment,
    working area etc. Marked clearly?
  • Is floor marks undamaged and follows plant standard?
  • Are the places of tools, inside cabinets, etc. clearly marked?
  • Are tools, materials and documents placed according to frequency of
    use of best possible ergonomy?
  • Are min/max levels for consumption materials clearly defined?
  • Are all safety procedures and equipment (include emergency stops
    etc.) followed?
  • Is fire and safety equipment clearly marked and easy to find the

Step 3 – Sweep

  • Are the floors clean (according to standard)?
  • Are equipments appearance clean (according to standard)?
  • Has cleaning and inspection activities been performed according to

Step 4 – Standardize

  • Is there an instruction for each equipment regarding cleaning and
    inspection (include responsible person, what, how, pictures, etc.)?
  • Is measurement equipment in the area calibrated according to a set
  • Are 5S standards for each area and machine visualized where they are
  • Are there a clear procedures for updating and maintaining the

Step 5 – Sustain

  • Is there an up to date activity plan for 5S at the area?
  • Have issue points from previous audits been corrected?
  • Are there clear responsibilities for performing the 5S activities in
    the area (who does what during the week)?
  • Is everyone informed about and trained on latest cleaning and
    inspection standards (Skill matrix)?
  • Is everyone on the work area involved in the 5S activities (check
    responsibilities on action plan)?
  • Are weekly 5S-audits on the work area done (by management team or
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